Reinforcing Ribbed Steel, Reinforcing Ribbed Wire

RM reinforcing hard drawn ribbed wire can come with coil form or cut to sizes length. RM ribbed wire is mostly used for the manufacturing of welded wire mesh.

The reinforcing wire has a ribbed surface for better frictional adhesion to concrete. Due to its high tensile strength, RM ribbed wire can be applied in the precast concrete company and the construction industry for the reinforcement of concrete walls and slabs.

Diameter Sizes (mm)

Coil Form (kg)

Tensile Strength (N/mm2)(Mpa)

Inside Coil Diameter (mm)

Cut Lengths (meter)

4.50 – 12.00

500 – 2000

Min. 510

500 – 850

– 12

Application: Reinforcement of concrete products, wire welded mesh fabrication, building construction.

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