(BRC)Wire Mesh, Reinforcing Wire Mesh, reinforcement of concrete

What is (BRC) Wires MeshMalaysia (BRC) Wires Mesh is a steel reinforcement material in concrete.  RM Reinforcing Wire Mesh consisting of a series of high-strength wires welded together to form a square or rectangular grids fabric.  RM Wire Mesh complying with the following international and Malaysia Standards:

Malaysia Standard 144:2006, British Standard 4482:1998
Cold Reduced Mild Steel Wire for the Reinforcement of Concrete.

Malaysia Standard 145:2006, British Standard 4483:1998

Welded Steel Fabric for the Reinforcement of Concrete.

RM’s (BRC) wire mesh is machine-made, with joints at the intersections of the main and cross wires made by special electrical resistance welding processes. This is to provide shear resistance at the joints complying with the MS 145:2006 standard.

The application of the wire mesh is mainly used in the building construction industry. Custom-made wire meshes in different sizes is also available.

The primary application for RM (BRC) Mesh are the following:

  • Reinforcement of slab
  • Retaining wall
  • Precast products such as drainage, box culvert, R.C. U-drain and pile culvert
  • Precast building components
  • Prefabricated cages

Standard Fabric
The preferred fabrics are categorised as follows:

Type A square fabric 200 x 200 spacing
Type B rectangular fabric 100mm main wire spacing
200mm cross wire spacing
Type C rectangular fabric 100mm main wire spacing
400mm cross wire spacing
Type D square fabric 100 x 100 spacing

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