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As Malaysia leading building materials supplier with an excellent track record and notable reputation for manufacturing steel products and other hardware that serves to reinforce structural foundations, Rong Mah Group is your strong and dependable partner who has carved a niche in what we do best.

Keeping up with the times, Rong Mah thrives on versatility. Adapting to the diverse needs of our partners from hardware shops to building contractors and developers, we undertake projects of various scale and scope.

An unyielding commitment to building strong and long-term relationships with our trusted partners, clients and suppliers is how we are able to stay dedicated to great service with the assurance of quality.

We are exporting BRC Wire Mesh, Reinforcing Wire Mesh, BRC Reinforcement products to Singapore, Indonesia and Australia. We have plans underway to expand to more regions in South-east Asia, beyond our local domestic market, as well as our overseas markets. Building upon our mission, the relentless pursuit of excellence, we believe that we have the strong fundamentals to pave the way for global outreach and entrench Rong Mah and name in every part of the world.

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Delivering all your construction needs

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