Malaysia Glass Wool, Fiberglass insulation, Roof Insulation Solution


Glass Wool, Fiberglass insulation, Roof Insulation Solution

TOP WOOL, Malaysia Fiber glass wool blankets is made of silk-like material in organic glass fiber bonded with thermos setting resin to form a lightweight. compressible, flexible and resilient insulation material. Malaysia Glass wool insulation is widely used in roofing projects, especially in the underside of metal deck or roof tiles roofing in factories, commercial and residential houses, providing many qualities such as heat insulation. sound absorption and ability to slow down roof-space fire due to its non-combustible qualities. Being high tensile in strength and characterized with no tear or shrink qualities. Malaysia Glass wool can be easily installed on all kinds of roof structure. Top Wool, one of the environment friendly products also has conformed to many International standards such as The European Standard of EN13162 2001 / AC 2005, CE, A1. The Quality Management system of Iso9001: 2001 standard, and The Australia standard of AS/NZS 4859.1.02.

Where To Buy Fiber Glass Wool In Malaysia?

Malaysia Fiberglass Wool Supplier, we have wide variety of Malaysia fiber glass wool options are available to you, we deliver throughout whole Malaysia included:

  • Johor Bahru (JB)
  • Kuala Lumpur (KL)
  • Penang (PN)
  • Melacca
  • Seremban
  • Selangor
  • Ipoh
  • Kuantan


Thermal Performance – it provides excellent thermal insulation to reduce heat gain or loss though the roofs.

Condensation Control – it assists to control condensation under metal roof, fibrous cement, tile roof and timber rafters.

Noise Reduction – it helps reduce noise such as rain, aircraft and street nose thereby providing comfort to occupants.

Easy Installation – it is lightweight, easy to handle thus enabling faster and better installation.

Many Application – it is available in different specification and be used in roofing projects, such as factory, house, hypermarket buildings, wall and ceiling.


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RM3315 roofing mesh, the well-known brand recognized by roofers. It is their priority brand due to its Hot-Dipped Galvanized qualities giving it a sturdy, level and flat structural form. It is corrison-resistant and rust-resistant, normally not found in average galvanized wire mesh.


3315 Roofing Mesh Benefits and features

Sturdy and flat– No signs of wear and tear when cutting the mesh partial under stress, thereby ease in handling and application.

Trusted Quality– Due to its Hot Dipped Galvanized qualities, many roofers has put this as a preference brand as it does not rust, giving roofers peace of mind and confidence to install.

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Foil insulation

We provide a variety of high quality foil insulation. Following are the range of products we carry:

1. Single/Double Aluminium Foil

2. Single/Double Anti-Tear Foil

3. Single/Double Aluminium Film

4. Single/Double Fire Retardant High Tensil Woven Foil

5. Single/Double Air Bubble Foil


Benefits and Features

1.Pure Aluminum Foil.
2. Puncture, tear and water proof resistance.

3. High tensile strength with usage of glass fiber scrim reinforcement.

4. Resistance to insects, termite, fungus growth and nesting rodents.

5. Fire-retardant grade.

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